United Elite Basketball

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Letter from the Director

Corey M. Warren

Director/ Head Coach

The reason I chose to create United Elite Basketball was due to the lack of skill development, of our youth, in the sport of basketball. When I began coaching 15 years ago, I noticed the lack of fundamental development of the youth who sought to play the game I love called basketball. I believe this lack of skill development was due to improper training from coaches and individuals involved with basketball who were also trained incorrectly. I do not consider myself as a complete expert on the game of basketball, however, I do continue to educate myself by reading, attending conferences and seminars, as well as physically training. I believe my knowledge and skill level allows me to effectively train youth to become elite basketball players. Through my trainings, I focus on developing the complete player, which includes, character, sportsmanship, gamesmanship and dedication. I seek to find the youths’ weaknesses and turn those weaknesses into strengths. I am highly enthusiastic about the opportunities I have to turn 
“kids basketball dreams into basketball realities.”